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ACVS Duct Silencers are used to attenuate mechanical equipment noise propagated through the ACVS duct work system. Acoustics India offers duct silencers which are normally rectangular in construction, designed to reduce the noise to the recommended level with minimum pressure drop. These silencers are offered in standard dimensions, which can be readily mounted on the existing duct. Higher performance can be achieved by combination of more than one silencer in series depending on the noise level requirement inside the building. The predicted performance and the pressure drop across wide range of flow rates are available on request.

Acoustics India offers the following standard rectangular duct silencer models at various sizes

The rectangular duct silencers are specified as follows:

For Example:

Modal type: S1A1 , Length: L1

Where: S1A1 represents the type , L1 represents the length

  • S1 A1
  • S1 A2
  • S1 A3
  • S2 A3


  • Fan Inlet and Discharge
  • Air Handling Units
  • Cooling Towers
  • Radiators
  • HVAC Duct Systems and Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Buildings
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