About Us

Acoustics India is a pioneer in the field of Industrial Noise Control Products and Projects with over 3000 installations in various Industrial sectors which include Steel, Power, Engineering, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries. With our expertise spanning over two decades in managing some of the most reckoning projects across the world, Acoustics India now steps into “Building Acoustics” which specifically concentrates in providing acoustical solutions for commercial and residential buildings.

Acoustics is the study of the physics of sound. Acoustics in buildings concerns controlling the quality and amount of sound inside a building. It is used to allow pleasant sounds in a concert hall and to reduce echoes and noise within an office building and so on. Acoustics also concerns suppressing sound coming from outside the building such as sounds from a bustling street of people and traffic. Whether in our homes, at work or at leisure, our lives are constantly affected by an ever-increasing number of noise sources such as televisions, kitchen appliances, neighbours, traffic, industry - all of it defined as noise pollution.

Building Acoustics offers you everything you require in place for noise control of various commercial and residential sectors as well as will serve as attractive Interior Decoration too. It would certainly enhance the aesthetics of your infrastructure adding a very captivating ambience. We provide correct balance of acoustic treatment to enhance the quality of sound through our state-of-the-art design and unique products.

We have highly skilled professionals to guide and help solve your noise issues. With comprehensibility and versatility in the presentation of acoustical knowledge and expertise, our work force applies the most professional and skilled methods of dealing with Customers only to yield positive results and satisfied Customers.

We have a streamlined manufacturing process with assured quality to deliver high performance at an affordable price. Together, we involve our strong expertise in serving to the entire delight of our customer.

Acoustics India believes in the” YOU NAME IT…..WE DELIVER” policy.

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