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Building Acoustics Division of Acoustics India Private Limited (AIPL) is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of sound absorbing products and materials. Our products consist of acoustic wall panels, wall and acoustic ceiling covering solutions and sound absorbing design objects to enhance the sound clarity as well as design of the architecture. With over 2 decades of experience, We continue to provide acoustic comfort solutions for offices, libraries, restaurants, recording studios,Theatre, Home Theatre, auditorium, etc.,

Our products are made from High Quality, Fire retardant and Ecofriendly Fibreglass Wool Boards , Cloths and Tissues covered using High-Quality Sound Transparent Materials. Our products are available in a range of different colours. The product range offered includes Fabric & Wooden Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceiling, False Ceiling, Metallic Panels, Sound Diffusers, Sound Deflectors, Suspended Noise Absorbers, Acoustic Movable Wall Partition, ACVS, Duct Silencers, ACVS Package Noise Enclosures, Vibration Isolators and Audiology Cabins.

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